Sunday, November 16, 2008


despite my best efforts.... okay. scratch that. in spite of my best INTENTIONS... once again it has been more than a month since i have been here. truly it is for good reason. this is my busy show season and between trying (though not so much) to list pieces on etsy (i have hundreds- literally hundreds - of photos of pieces- especially jewelry pieces... taken and edited and waiting patiently to be listed... and it is like pulling teeth to get myself to list the darn things.... that and the fact that they sell so well for me from the studio and at shows that i sometimes don't feel like bothering with the listing of them....) and art shows and drop-off appointments at gelleries and preparing for my studio sale in two weeks and my brother's wedding (which is, incidentally, here at my home) in less than a month.... NOT TO MENTION (not screaming, just emphasizing) the fact that i have two little ones who i adore beyond measure and who keep me hopping all day long.... i have not been able to give this blog the attention that it needs and deserves.

so, i am here now... and what to say..... except that i am soon heading to bed because i promised myself not to stay up late tonight because i have been working into the evening almost every night for weeks and it is making it hard for me to get up and get the children ready for the day. and that i don't want to show up at Ben's school with bags under my eyes and clay in my hair (which is what will happen if i don't sign off and take a shower and go to bed).... but here i will include a few photos of some of the things that keep me up at night. i have so many ideas in my head and my sketchbooks and shopping list margins and collections of this and that.... coupled with how easy etsy has made it for me to add to my already huge collection of beads and buttons and cabochons to make more yummy molds and stamps from.... that i could stay up all night every night making new things and never run out of inspiration or the desire to have my hands in the mud!

These buttons are such fun to make and glaze and i have only recently been selling the on etsy. My jewelry and button pieces move so quickly at shows that i don't list them online as often as i would like... but these cuties are in my etsy shop right now

a sweet little faux bois tray that is glazed in a textural blue that i love

one of many little dipping bowls featuring designs from my collection of handcarved (by me) stamps inspired by the patterns and motifs of art from around the globe.

a detail of some wall flowers. i love them all grouped together in a "bouquet". i would like to make enough at one time to hold a bunch out for myself and decorate a large wall area in my little girl's room with them.... a big sculptural garden mural!