Thursday, November 12, 2009

what i do when i should be doing something else

i am really quite the master of procrastination.  more than anything, i need to be cleaning up the studio, beginning to set up for my studio show and glazing glazing glazing.... instead, i can't seem to stop painting.  i thought i would start a couple of canvases to pick away at in the weeks to come, and now i am obsessed working on about 7 paintings and NOT glazing.  what is wrong with me?

and here is a link to some more in progress..... paintings in progress

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

staying focused

Sometimes i have such a hard time staying focused and on track in the studio; especially when i have so much to do.  I blame it on the rain today....  but really i am just having trouble keeping up with all of the things that need to be doing.  I worked for the morning in the studio sanding and smoothing the edges of a bunch of trays and dishes that are dry and waiting for their initial firing.  The mud gods weren't with me for much of the time, and i ended up breaking a number of pieces under my - apparently not so gentle- touch.  bummer.  I was hoping to  get the kiln fully loaded and get that bisque fire done before the evening rolled around, but it was not to be.  Having to drop work in the middle of any task and go to pick up a little one from school always throws me for a bit of a loop, and today it really threw me off my game.... what could/ should have been about a 45 minute round trip, turned into a 3 hour tour of school, a few different printing places, the craft store, the post office, and, why oh why did i even go inside?  TJMaxx.  it didn't seem like any of these little errands were taking too long until i got home and realized that it was 2:30 and that my work day was already moving quickly towards being over.  I guess at that point i just got discouraged enough that i haven't really poured myself into much of anything since then. 

The trouble is, i have a busy weekend coming up with out of town guests and soccer games and a drop off for a holiday show that i do every year, and my studio show is NEXT weekend!  i am so ill prepared for this year's show, and i really should be spending EVERY waking moment making things, and finishing the hundreds of things i have already started... not to mention cleaning the studio and the rest of the house, and starting to set up the show....  

I see a few all nighters (or VERY late nights) in my immediate future.  
and lots and lots of coffee.