Wednesday, December 9, 2009

studio show and sale

here is a shot of part of the show; a couple of new paintings on the walls, mugs and tea cups galore, a sample of my "lamp revamps" and a little peek at some garden markers and some of the glass pieces by my friend Molly of Rockwater Glass

this is a shot of some serving pieces and plates from my "global impressions" series; they feature stamps and textures inspired by the art and culture of different places in the world and are glazed in earthy browns and black along with various shades of green and blue.

a detail of some of the "global impressions pieces and another new painting called, "Pupil of the Eye"

here is a shot of a few of the earrings that i had out when the show began.  Many of them are gone now, but i just finished out about 40 more pairs yesterday and have now added them to  the mix.  One of the nice things about doing a show that runs over the course of a few weeks is that you can keep adding new and fresh work!  If you live locally and want to come by, give me a shout and we can arrange a time for you to stop in!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

studio show and sale this weekend!! AAAAAAH!!!

if any of you live locally and would like to come check out a sweet show-- check it out!

this is the link to the e-vite for my studio show and sale!  i have been a busy busy little bee and am so excited for this show!  it is only the second year that i have done a show here in my own studio (though i have been doing other shows for many many  years), and it is just too much fun!  I have been working on all of my standards- mugs and serving pieces, jewelry, clocks and garden art.... and this year i have 10 new paintings to show and also a boat load of adorable ornaments for your holiday tree or to use as unique and beautiful gift tags!  There are a bunch of new jewelry designs- earrings, necklaces and pendants galore!!  and many more clocks and mirrors than i had last year!

 There is a lot for me still left to so, so although i would like to stay on the computer and tell you all about it... i had better get going and DO it!!!

here is a little teaser.... some of the fun pottery dishes that i will have available....  in this photo, just waiting for their clear glaze and final firing!  come see me if you can!!