Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day number 4 and "stuck" in the studio

So, Atlanta has been hit with some snow and ice.  In any other city- where there are more than 8 plows and maybe a salt truck or two... the maybe 5 inches of snow that fell on monday would be a total non-issue; dealt with on monday... a quick pass through with the plows, a scattering of salt- maybe some sand- and good to go.  But here in the south, we are just not prepared for weather of this nature.  It literally shuts us down.  School- and all county and government agencies- has/ have been closed for the last four days.  There will probably not be school again tomorrow-- and then it is the weekend!  oh- and MLK day on monday- so no school then either!

I know that many people around here are getting pretty stir crazy.  Admittedly, it is a little harder having children around for so many days in a row.  Thank goodness my in-laws are so amazing and helpful- aaaaand- right around the corner.  The children are with them for the day and having a grand ole' time.   And i am here, "stuck" in the house and i couldn't be happier.  Really.  I could be "stuck" here for weeks on end and not have a thing to complain about.  I am listing things on Etsy that i haven't been able to get around to forever; like this tray and these earrings....  and many other wonderful things!

I have also been taking photographs of many more items and editing editing editing....  as well as finishing out some other pieces so that i can run a bisque fire.  Trying to stock the shop with some items that will be good for valentines day.  I also just finished a painting and am beginning another right now.  These paintings- the images - are intended for a very special occasion/ opportunity that i can't mention yet, but hope to be able to soon.  stay tuned!

I hope you are all having a great day.  If you are feeling "stuck" inside, i challenge you to do something creative.  Maybe pull out some watercolors and doodle with paint...  Grab a box of your kids' crayons and get down to some scribbling.  Crayons are really underrated. :o)

here is a shot of our cozy, twinkly house as the snow was falling on Monday night
snow days are also great for organizing cupboards and cabinets
and for photographing the hundreds of items you have waiting to be listed in your etsy shop
Now, if you will excuse me, i have some scones to make. :o)