Wednesday, February 24, 2010

where have you been all my life?!?!?

OMG.  i never really say that.  but it kind of makes me laugh.... and it did seem sort of appropriate right now because i am sooooo excited!!  so- OMG!!!  PRECIOUS METAL CLAY--- where have you been all my life???  my friend Molly, of Rockwater Glass, here in atlanta, gave me a little package of this stuff to play with a couple of months ago... and then she fired it for me and it went for a little tumble in her rock tumbler the other day.... i used a silver tarnish on one set of beads- just experimenting, and the other pendant and beads i left in their super, shiny, fresh from being tumbled state--- and i am IN LOVE!!!  these photos aren't the best, because i have missed the best light of the day and am taking these in the office with very poor light--- but i was just too excited to show them off to wait for the correct lighting!!

i think i am going to have to keep these for myself.  Then again, i always say that, and somehow, i always end up selling the things i like the most.  I guess i will just have to make more!!  my head is swimming now and i can't wait to get  my hands on more of the stuff!!!



i can't wait to try something else!!  look out for these 
and forthcoming pieces in my my etsy shop soon!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so i am up to 20 followers now!!  thanks guys and gals!!  now that i know that SOMEone is reading this blog (besides my mom) i am inspired to write more often, share more information and do some fun give-a-ways and things of that nature!  SOOOOO..... i have set a goal for myself...  to get 50 followers!  of course, ultimately i would like more than fifty followers :o)  - but for the time being, that seems like a doable and realistic goal to shoot for in the next months.   When i reach 50 followers, i am going to do a fun give away....  a little care package of sorts....  a little jewelry something, maybe a mug and some magnets or something of that nature-- a little assortment of fun goodness!!   when the number reaches 50, i will print out everyone's names on paper and do a good, old fashioned drawing from a hat! (or maybe i will use a bowl-  but you catch my drift!)  and then i will announce the winner and send them their goodies! 

In the next week or so, i will draw together the things to be included in the giveaway and then share some photos with you!  so, spread the word!  this blog is going to get bigger and better!  stick around!!

a little teaser.....  sample mug and earrings.....  
something like what you might get if you are the lucky winner!

Monday, February 22, 2010

piles of possibilities

i often like to take pictures of materials, tools and unfinished work even more than finished pieces!  To see the mounds of pendants, beads, buttons and other components grow before my eyes as they wait for their bisque firing is so much fun!  i thought you might get a kick out of seeing some of the yummy little things waiting to go into the kiln this week!  ...along with a big custom mug order.... that i need to get back to right now!  ...cause i am running late, and only 22 minutes left with the babysitter here!!  gotta run!
can't wait to see these bathed in color!

the lighting is a bit different here.....  

buttons, and pendants and earrings- oh my!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

front page news!

it isn't too often that i get featured on etsy's front page, so when i do, i do a little happy dance! (insert happy dance here!!).... check it out!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

playing catch-up

The thing about having two full time jobs- in addition to being a mom to two small children, is that you are never, EVER caught up!  Work for the tea house- the fabulous- you must visit and/ or buy some tea- has been keeping me most busy for the last few weeks, and i have only been able to dabble in the studio....    yesterday i was finally able to get in there and do some much needed cleaning-- so at least this lays the groundwork to be able to begin working in there again!!  additionally, i took about 700 photographs (well, probably more like 300) and then uploaded and edited them on the computer.... (you can't sell your work online unless you take pictures of it!).  Today i hope to list a few of these newly photographed things...  but it remains to be seen whether time will allow.  The children will be back soon and then there is the business of feeding and bathing them.  i just made them dinner last night, for crying out loud!  why do they have to eat every night?!  (of course, i am just joking here.    mostly anyway).   Otherwise, the rest of the afternoon will be spent in the garage continuing to throw mugs and yunomi for custom orders, the tea house and my dwindling selection on etsy.

Here are a few pics of some of the things i was photographing yesterday and hope to list soon.

I just realized that i had not yet listed anything in my shop with this design...  People at my shows buy them all up!  

starting to get some spring fever i must say....  these pendants
are awfully fun- and so very springy!!

are you sensing a theme here?  i love the bright colors on these rainy days!

here are a group of them together.
Some of these little cuties will  be listed here soon--- so come and visit and check out what i have going on in my little corner of etsy!