Thursday, October 8, 2009

how can i expect that anyone would want to read this when i don't ever write anything?

And why is it so hard for me to write anything here? It's not like i don't have anything to say. i have loads to say! and i certainly have a lot of work that i could show you. i could at least put up a picture or two once in awhile!

Well, alright then.... here are a few pictures.

I did a little craft show this past weekend at an elementary school in my area.
Here are some of the jewelry pieces i was selling there. My lego guys are a big hit!

 These are trays full of pendants and pins and then folks can choose which kind of cord or chain they would like.

 This year i opted to pay for a double booth space so that i could really spread out. I modified the booth from my standard set-up and left the big folding screen at home, and it looked pretty good, i think.

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