Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so i am up to 20 followers now!!  thanks guys and gals!!  now that i know that SOMEone is reading this blog (besides my mom) i am inspired to write more often, share more information and do some fun give-a-ways and things of that nature!  SOOOOO..... i have set a goal for myself...  to get 50 followers!  of course, ultimately i would like more than fifty followers :o)  - but for the time being, that seems like a doable and realistic goal to shoot for in the next months.   When i reach 50 followers, i am going to do a fun give away....  a little care package of sorts....  a little jewelry something, maybe a mug and some magnets or something of that nature-- a little assortment of fun goodness!!   when the number reaches 50, i will print out everyone's names on paper and do a good, old fashioned drawing from a hat! (or maybe i will use a bowl-  but you catch my drift!)  and then i will announce the winner and send them their goodies! 

In the next week or so, i will draw together the things to be included in the giveaway and then share some photos with you!  so, spread the word!  this blog is going to get bigger and better!  stick around!!

a little teaser.....  sample mug and earrings.....  
something like what you might get if you are the lucky winner!


Indian Creek Studios said...

congrats on your followers :-)
I am at the same #, been stuck at 20 for a while. I hope you reach your goal asap!

charity elise said...

thank you! i am now up to 26! more than half-way there!! now maybe i should post something new.... hehe