Wednesday, February 24, 2010

where have you been all my life?!?!?

OMG.  i never really say that.  but it kind of makes me laugh.... and it did seem sort of appropriate right now because i am sooooo excited!!  so- OMG!!!  PRECIOUS METAL CLAY--- where have you been all my life???  my friend Molly, of Rockwater Glass, here in atlanta, gave me a little package of this stuff to play with a couple of months ago... and then she fired it for me and it went for a little tumble in her rock tumbler the other day.... i used a silver tarnish on one set of beads- just experimenting, and the other pendant and beads i left in their super, shiny, fresh from being tumbled state--- and i am IN LOVE!!!  these photos aren't the best, because i have missed the best light of the day and am taking these in the office with very poor light--- but i was just too excited to show them off to wait for the correct lighting!!

i think i am going to have to keep these for myself.  Then again, i always say that, and somehow, i always end up selling the things i like the most.  I guess i will just have to make more!!  my head is swimming now and i can't wait to get  my hands on more of the stuff!!!



i can't wait to try something else!!  look out for these 
and forthcoming pieces in my my etsy shop soon!


Dancing Dolphin Pottery said...

Charity, very cool! I'm so happy for you! I saw a demo on it by a local artist and I'd like to try it too, but it's really expensive, like $50/gram?! Wouldn't it be awesome to make our own earrings? It's also a higher silver content than most silver.

charity elise said...

thanks so much Diana! it was strange to work with as the consistency is so different than actual CLAY.... but it was fun-- and now that i have a sense of what it can do.... well, i sort of can't stop thinking about it! it is definitely on the expensive side, so whatever i sell made from it will have to reflect that a bit... but we'll see if folks want any pieces like this....

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

These are so lovely! Your designs are perfect for the metal clay work. They translate really well!
Best of luck with your new found love!
xo, Chrissy

charity elise said...

thank you so much Chrissy! i am wearing a pair of them right now-- i just love them!