Friday, March 12, 2010


thanks guys!  yay! i am more than half-way to my first goal of 50 followers!  thank you so much- i appreciate your being here!  i am working on a few things right now to make part of the surprise package when i reach my first 50 followers, and i will post a picture soon of the actual contents of the box!  for now, it is back to the studio to finish up this mug order, glaze some earring components, work on some paintings, do some paperwork and catch up on some other orders.  oh- and list some more pieces in my shop  --like  this one 

 Have a great day all! thanks again for being here!


Kymmie said...

Hi there! I bought some earrings from you through your Etsy store awhile back and admired your stamps...And use them ALL the time! You have SO inspired my clay work. Your little earrings (blue flowers/flower shaped) I like to call my inspiration earrings. I LOVE them and truly feel that I can accomplish anything when I look at them. I have been creating up a storm! So thank you! And I look fwd to getting some more things from you!!! Your artwork is just beautiful!
I am proud to follow your blog!! =)
~~Kymmie (in Palmetto, FL)

charity elise said...

awww. thanks so much Kymmie. your kind words are an inspiration!