Thursday, March 1, 2012

What a crazy few months it has been!  Usually things ease up a bit around here after the studio show/ sale is over....  but somehow this year, life seems to have accelerated in some ways.  Obligations at the children's school, my DH being out of town, multiple illnesses back to back.... have kept us hopping around here!  My daughter's birthday party was this past weekend and i am just putting the finishing touches on a large project for the school, so i finally feel like i can breathe a little bit.  .... though i won't breathe for too long- because spring shows are just around the corner and online sales continue to ramp up.  My stamp sales to other outlets- namely the pottery supply store here in town- Atlanta Clay- have gone way up and so i need to make a more concerted effort to keep them well stocked at all times!

All in all it is good, productive stuff.  Exciting things are happening....  a book with my art in it was just published and i continue to get painting commissions (to my complete delight!)....  now to get myself well....  start taking some more walks, say my prayers and get down to business!!

Thanks for reading.  leave me a comment if you feel so moved.... it encourages me to write more!

Here are the mosaic flowers and leaves for the school auction project that i mentioned.... in this picture we are laboriously gluing on each little tiles to get ready for grout.  definitely a labor of love!
This is a shot of the birthday cake from this last weekend.  I guess i have mosaic on the brain as the two projects contain a fair amount of visual overlap!  The mosaic here is made with colored and textured (with my handmade stamps ) fondant; the smaller note-book cake is covered with white fondant and painted with edible markers and watered down food coloring... the art palette and paints are made with white chocolate. It was a lot of fun to make and a fun, colorful tribute to a fun and colorful little girl!


Steph Coleman said...

Hi Charity - Loved today's blog post. That cake is incredible. It must have taken forever to do! By the way, Atlanta Clay is always almost out or out of your stamps every time I come in. I guess I need to hit your etsy site. I love the ones I have! Now, I need to start working on my blog again! - Steph

chARiTy elise said...

hey Steph! thanks so much for commenting! and for all of your kind words! -- yeah- i need to get on those stamps!
thanks for everything!

Heather said...

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