Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Checking in

Well, the first couple of fall shows have come and gone- in a crazy blur!  The Yellow Daisy Festival in early September marked my 11th year of doing that show.  It was a good one, despite some foul weather and a leaky tent ;o)  I had some great sales, saw lots of friends and "regulars" ;o) and made many new friends.  I collected a lot of names for my studio show and sale mailing list, and at some point in the next week or so, i will be adding those names to the address book for my show/ sale e-vite.

I also did a show outside of Chattanooga in early September as well as another wonderful show here in GA- the Norcross Fall Festival just two weeks ago.  The aftermath of these shows includes unpacking lots of work from containers, washing table skirts and tablecloths, going over inventory, entering e-mails into mailing lists, photographing work to list online, editing photos.....   and of course, making lots and lots of NEW work!!  This year marks the 5th year of my studio show and i want it to be better than ever!!  So i am creating lots and lots of new pieces to share with the folks who come!!  Between creating work for that, my etsy shop and a few upcoming gallery shows, i am keeping pretty busy.  Here is a shot of a table laden with some of the pieces that i am working on right now:

Today i am busy taking and editing photographs and listing some new items for a cool blog feature that it happening tomorrow.  I will share the link on my facebook page-  facebook.com/charityelisedesigns - as soon as it is live.

Hope that you are all having a wonderful and productive day!  Another cup of coffee for me, and i am OFF!!

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