Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trying to stay on top of things

Today, in the midst of preparing for Halloween festivities in our neighborhood, doing some last minute decorating outside ...and maybe getting those pansies planted..... i am focused on gearing up for the rest of the fall shows-- particularly my own studio show and sale.  Tomorrow is the 1st of November and my show opening is on the 30th of November.  My "to-do" list may be more overwhelming than ever!!  In the next few days i will post some pictures of my disastrous work spaces so that i can then share the "after" photos and they will have more impact!

For now, i will share the front of this year's show invitation which my friend Patty helped me with.  It is fun and colorful and i love it!

And here is the back, which i have modified to share online (blacking out my address) ...Not that people couldn't find me if they wanted to, but it just doesn't seem prudent to post it here.  Anywhoo, here it is:

Hope everyone is having a great day.  Best wishes to those folks who were affected by the awful storm this week.  My head is filled with images of its devastating effects and my prayers are with all those recovering from it.

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