Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trying to find my stride

So....  you know those pansies that i was talking about needing to plant back in October?  It may come as no surprise to you that they are still plunked down in the garden in the plastic containers that i bought them in.  For shame!  .... the good news is, they still look great and bloomed all through the winter.  go figure.

This little blog, however, did not bloom all through the winter.  I will not give up though.  I am bound and determined to do this.... and although you may not be able to see much of what has been happening with me over this last year and a half, i can assure you that i have been working really hard.  I have been making tons of work.  I have a wonderful assistant who comes and helps me a few days a week with a lot of the studio chores that slow me down.  I have been beginning to develop new systems for making and doing tasks more effectively....I have been working on my picture taking skills. ....Many efforts that will start to manifest themselves in more and more concrete ways as time goes on.

One confirmation that this is all important work, and crucial to my business are the requests that i am getting on a regular basis from galleries and shops around the country wanting to wholesale my work and/ or carry it in their gallery.  I have been getting these requests for years, but now more of them are coming in from wonderful established places where i would be thrilled to have my things.  Stay tuned for more about that.

As i write this, i have a whole cheerful table of work waiting to be sold (and hopefully selling!) at a fantastic clay show down in Macon called Fired Works.  It is the first time that i have participated in this show and i am honored and humbled by the company that i am in there....

And the most exciting news that i have to share is that a few months back i was invited to do a solo show at my favorite local gallery--  Mudfire.  It is an amazing honor for me and i am so thrilled.  The show opens this friday and goes for a month.  If you are a local friend, i would love it if you come and check it out!  here is a link to their page on facebook --


melissa said...

Your work and your process just make me happy. Thanks for sharing Charity!

chARiTy elise said...

thank YOU so much Melissa! I appreciate that so much-- and thank you for taking a minute to read my humble blog and to make a comment. Lots of folks have reported trying to comment with no success-- so i am glad to see that someone has been able to!